We offer Coaching for everyone in multiple disciplines, from Wave Riding, Strapless Freestyle to Foil.


We provide professional and experienced kitesurfing tuition for all skill levels across all kitesurfing disciplines.

Kitesurf Coaching 1

We have options for those who just want to ‘dip a toe’ in to the realms of wave riding, learn how ride a surfboard, build confidence in flat water and then get out in the waves.

For the Intermediate rider looking to improve technique, learn new moves, turns tips and flips to invigorate there riding.

Or perhaps your looking for something a bit Gnarlier!

We offer coaching that is aimed at Advanced Wave Riding Progression and Safety, for those who want to delve into more extreme conditions.  We hope to train a party of people who, after attending a number of coaching days to meet certain criteria can then join us on more advanced holidays to find bigger and more challenging waves.

Depending on what you are looking to improve, we can tailor the sessions for you.


Private Coaching: £40 – £60 ph. (Minimum tuition 2hrs)

Group Coaching: £40 pp ph (Minimum tuition 2hrs)

Advanced Coaching tailored to suit your needs, whether you are learning how to ride a surfboard for the first time, a competent rider looking to build confidence in the waves or perhaps/maybe you want to learn strapless jumps, flips ad tricks.

Whatever you want to learn, we can build you a step by step guide that will help you take your riding up a notch.

We want you to progress and get value for money, so you can reap the rewards of coaching more often, that’s why our private rates are very competitive, as we want to continue to work with you.

Video Coaching: £60 ph if you would like full video analysis and Coaching

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